About Us

 What's Underneath That Counts.

we believe your undergarments shouldn't  be treated as an
afterthought. At John Tyler, we provide a curated, unparalleled approach to men’s underwear that fits EVERY body.
A luxury brand with a distinct point of view, John Tyler delivers incredible fit in a refined, tailoring
silhouette. Our signature brief is a boxer cut with an extended hem for more room and comfort. Our
oversized band is designed for extra support and features our CLING TECHNOLOGY ™ , minimizing
adjustments, chafing and sticking, allowing you to feel as good as you look.
Focused on premium tailoring with a modern style, we aim to bring realistic, fashionable underwear to
men of size all across the globe. Renowned for unparalleled customer service, exclusivity and our
pioneering spirit, John Tyler is changing the way that Big & Tall men think (or not think) about their
underwear - always comfortable, always smooth, and always in control.
Order yours today at www.johntylerbrand.com.