The Elective Fit Details

  • Men’s extended boxer briefs with 8.5-inch inseam
  • Soft 2” oversized Jacquard waistband with Cling Technology. (Or without Cling Technology)
  • Ultra-soft, light weight and silky fabric that’s 90% polyester and 10% spandex.
  • Extended gusset with flex pouch to give your GIRTH more freedom.
  • Breathable athletic feel with no chaffing
  • Flex fit flatlock seams.
  • Machine wash cold/cold with like colors, Tumble dry low. (Colors might fade or bleed in warm water)

** REVIEW THE SIZE CHART PRIOR TO PURCHASE. we are true to size so you don’t have to guess if we run smaller or larger, we fit your correct size**



HOW IT FITS: Compressed fit around the waist and lower thighs.  Relax fit in the crotch, extended gusset with more room for your girth. 

MADE FOR: Designed for men with active lifestyles who need the comfort and support of underwear that stays in place. 

BUILT-IN TECH:  Cling Technology,  Anti-Roll Waistband.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Small- 28-30, Medium 32-34, Large 36-38", XL 40-42", XXL 42-44", 3X 44-46", 4X 46-48", 5X 50-52"


With Cling Technology, Without Cling Technology

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