At John Tyler we are focused on premium tailoring with a modern style, we aim to bring realistic, fashionable underwear to men of size all across the globe.



HOW IT FITS: Compressed fit around the waist and lower thighs.  Relax fit in the crotch, extended gusset with more room for your girth. 

MADE FOR: Designed for men with active lifestyles who need the comfort and support of underwear that stays in place. 

BUILT-IN TECH:  Cling Technology,  Anti-Roll Waistband.

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Small- 28-30, Medium 32-34, Large 36-38", XL 40-42", XXL 42-44", 3X 44-46", 4X 46-48", 5X 50-52"




With Cling Technology, Without Cling Technology

106 reviews for JTB MEN’S UNDERWEAR

  1. Dylon Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great product! I wore my pair for work and they have an athletic feel to them. I also worked out in them later that day and it was an effortless workout with free mobility. I love these

  2. Matt Cunningham (verified owner)

    Great product! I usually don’t prefer boxer briefs, but the JTB’s I received and have been wearing set a new standard. The Cling Technology makes a big difference especially while running or in the gym. Highly recommend!

  3. Eric Ventura

    Awesome Product! Best briefs in the business. Quick shipping as well, if your not wearing John Tyler you should be !

  4. Rodney Williams (verified owner)

    Great product! I will never wear another brand again. Every man needs this in his life! Very comfortable. Most brands don’t have enough room for big thighs/legs but John Tyler Brand does.

  5. Wisline paul

    Love love this underwear, first off great packaging! Underwear itself was soft to the skin, very comfortable to wear… wear it all day at work, it stayed put. This is such a great product. I definitely will be purchasing more.

  6. Tom C. (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the look and feel of these briefs. Very comfortable and snug at the same time. JTB is my brand going forward.

  7. Tye Pennycooke (verified owner)

    The Best Men’s Underwear hands down. Love the feel of these Boxer Briefs. No movement. Stays in place. Everything down to the packaging is awesome. Even the shipping was super fast. Can’t forget about price. Cheaper than all those top brands, however the same if not better quality. Will be purchasing plenty more.

  8. Marcus Houston (verified owner)

    Wow I’m so excited about a
    Brand made actually for me.
    Its giving me more room to go about my day, especially being in a Construction type of business you want to have the most comfortable feel thru out the day and the John Tyler Brand did just that…..I’m happy with the cling fit, the roomy crouch, and I received them in a timely manner. I’m ordering a couple more pair as we speak, looking forward to more products…..

  9. Anthony Wilson

    JT underwear are truly very comfortable and stylish. The fit is perfect!!! Probably the best pair I own!! Definitely replacing all the Hanes

  10. Michael Moss

    It’s the only underwear that I have now! Comfortable, no riding, and they fit Big Men! Definitely worth the purchase

  11. Rah

    Great comfort and a good fit! Definitely worth trying out if your looking for a good comfortable pair of underwear!!

  12. Manuel DeClet

    It’s very comfortable, loose fitting and light weight. I’m not a boxer wearer but I have changed my mind. JT briefs are definitely a hit.

  13. Ron

    Superb comfort, breathable, and durable simply amazing product.

  14. Kirklan Hawes

    These underwear are super comfortable and there’s a secret pocket to store your protection (if you know what I mean) .

  15. Kevin M. Edwards (verified owner)

    JTB Underwear is a quality product at a quality price. “Cling Technology” is unparalleled! Shipping exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be a repeat purchaser going forward.

  16. Ron Jenkins (verified owner)

    Awesome Underwear with a very comfortable feel.. They are perfect for every occasion, Gym, Business,Work, Casual u name it..!! Especially if your a big Guy like myself… Thank you JTB for making an affordable great product for the Big Men..😉

  17. London (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Great fit. Perfect for work, play or lounging. This product supports and allows for flexibility. Breathable while keeping you secure. Great investment.

  18. Alan Phifer

    Only giving 5 stars because I can’t give 10! Never been more satisfied with undies. As a traveler, comfort down yonder is an absolute MUST, especially on long journeys. This John Tyler guy nailed it! Definitely ordering more.

  19. Satchel B. Jester

    There’s Calvin Klein, Under Armour and now John Tyler Brand. This new coming of underwear definitely lives up to the hype after putting the brand to the test. They’re comfortable, flexible and keep their shape and fit through the day. The non-slip technology is also FIRE! …and the extra pocket – that’s detail! I recommend two times over. I have multiple pairs in rotation and I plan on adding more. Expertly done.

  20. Amber (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying, “I am a full figured, curvy woman!” I some times where men briefs to get that comfortable feeling and fresh air. I not only wear men briefs to feel comfortable but also to feel FREE.
    With that being said, these John Tyler’s gave me 1 less thing to worry about. These underwear do not ride up my leg or crouch. No matter how many times I stand up or sit down the waist band does not move. Not only do they stay in place but the material is soft and thin. I also love that no one can tell when I am wearing them. I have up to 6 pair now. I am definitely a lifetime customer. I AM HOOKED!

  21. Maurice (verified owner)

    John Tyler Brand, Is now my underwear of choice. I have tried all other names and brands in an attempt to find something comfortable and fitting. They’re two things which are very hard to get at the same time, sizes for a big guy and comfort. Usually you can get one or the other but not both. I have fell in love with the JT Brand. My wife who is very particular and picky loves them on me. So I will be definitely purchasing more in the weeks to come. I can’t wait until the other colors arrive also.

  22. Jahri Meriwether (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Bought these for my hubby and he is a big guy. I must say I was truly impressed. They looked very nice and hubby loves them as well. I am definitely placing a future order and recommend to all!

  23. Gary Welch (verified owner)

    The most comfortable underwear hands down I have ever owned. Working in a active technical position, it’s very important to be comfortable while I maneuver doing my job. JT advised me, once I tried this product it will be no looking back, and he was right! I cant wait to be in the position to wear them daily. Until you wear them for yourself, you want see or feel the greatness of this product. Sky’s the limit and he has my support along the way 💯💯💯

  24. Gerald Owens (verified owner)

    A comfortable brief that surpasses all other brands I’ve worn. The quality is second to none and these underwear are designed to fit a big and tall frame. I would definitely recommend the investment.

  25. Valerie

    Bought these for my husband and he loves them. Very comfortable.

  26. Brandon Person (verified owner)

    Best pair of underwear I have by far. I literally forgot i was wearing them, they are that comfortable. Definetily going to order more!!!

  27. Cherie Monique (verified owner)

    I bought these for my dad and he wasn’t hip to the fit…after he wore them…he was hooked. I definitely recommend these for the men in your life.

  28. Henry Crawford

    As a bigger man I’ve been taught to just buy larger and it’s hard to find the right ones that fit in the right area. When I got these John Tyler’s I thought they were too small but they hug in all the right places but still allow me to breathe. I highly recommend to my fellow big and tall fellas you will not be disappointed.

  29. Helena Crawford

    I had to come tell everyone about these…I just love the way these feel on my hubby. I was so glad to get rid of the other ones. I highly recommend John Tyler brand.

  30. Trevon Bowman

    These are honestly some of the best underwear I have ever worn. They are a Perfect fit and the band stays in place throughout the day regardless of the type of activity or body movements. I am a forever customer of the John Tyler Brand!

  31. Nell T (verified owner)

    I bought these John Tyler underwear for my husband and at first he was apprehensive about trying another brand that he never heard of or was used to. But at the end of the day….he was sold!
    1. They didn’t move, The Cling Technology bonding held all day and kept his undershirt in place.
    2. There was plenty of room in the crotch area, opposed to other brands where if you have a little extra, it creates a bulge and your compressed all day.
    3. They were comfortable.
    4. There was no adjusting throughout the day.
    5. Great quality. They have been washed and dried a few times and still fits the same. Overall great pair of underwear…

  32. Courtney Jackson (verified owner)

    First off let me just say this boxer brief is the REAL DEAL!
    Prior to me trying out the John Tyler brand I wore the Under Armor Boxer Jock brand. Without question, John Tyler brand blows them away! My favorite things about the John Tyler brand:
    True to size-I would have to buy a size up on all other brands just to get a comfortable fit but even doing that I could never get everything perfect.
    Material-The lightweight material is good for everyday wearing and in the Gym. This part was especially important for me as I have an active lifestyle. Cycling, Racketball, jogging and basketball.
    Cling Technology thick waist band-I normally wear alot of compressions undershirts and the Cling Technology keeps those from riding up as well.
    In closing, I’ve always had to compromise on boxer briefs until now as the John Tyler brand gives me total and complete comfort. I highly recommend this product!

  33. Roberto Villa

    Best underwear to date. Wasn’t disappointed at all they are so comfortable to wear. What I love about them is that they didn’t move. What impressed me the most is the Cling Technology bonding. I play golf, run and I train in Mixed Martial Arts and they held all day. Great quality and after numerous washes and dried they fit the same. I HIGHLY recommend these underwear.

  34. Terrance Nicholson “El Jefe” Zilla’s Pit BBQ

    John Tyler Brand has to be the best underwear I have ever owned. Period!! For plus size guys this is the underwear you have been waiting on. Everything from the control elastic band that never rolls down ( No Sagging or booty exposure) to the breathable fabric that feels like you have (no draws on). To the thigh band that doesn’t cut into your thick thighs when you sit or squat. These underwear are cool as hell. It even has a built in pocket for your emergency cash!!!!! Women have Victoria Secret to look good. Now men have John Tyler to thank to impress their ladies. Sure there are expensive alternatives but none will fit you or make you feel like a million like the John Tyler Brand. I’m so happy I found out about this amazing pair of underwear. THANKS!!!!!!

  35. Ricky Hall (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Recommended for all occasions athletics or leisure. Tell a friend then have a friend tell a friend.

  36. Phillip Lindsay

    After wearing one pair of John Tyler men’s underwear, I wanted to throw everything else I had away. The Cling Technology is amazing. I recommend you select the Cling Technology option and you too will not want to wear anything else.

  37. Jason C

    My fiancé surprised me with two pairs. I was hesitant at first but then I tried them on. I am a huge fan of their Cling technology and full cut. I’ve washed them more than ten times and they they’ve maintained their shape with structural integrity. They are built to last. The moment you put them on, you’ll feel the difference. I’ve worn them while exercising as well as while out on the town in a suit and was equally comfortable. My fiancé treated me to a pair and you deserve to treat yourself to a pair as well. Well worth the purchase .

  38. Angela Edwards (verified owner)

    5 Stars!!! I bought several pair of John Tyler Brand boxer briefs for Christmas presents and they were an absolute hit! My husband and son are both sold on these underwear… 👍
    My son has always struggled to find boxer briefs that properly fit his larger thighs and 6’4”/220# frame. These definitely hit the mark! Also as a member of The United States Air Force he spends long hours outside, in the heat, in full uniform and JTB underwear did not chafe or ride up his legs!! The material feels great and stays cool, even in super hot and humid conditions.
    The customer service was amazing and fixed a mistake I made when ordering immediately! Shipping was super fast and the packaging was great.
    I have recommended John Tyler Brand to many family members and friends and will definitely order again soon!!

  39. Demi Colobro

    Love my husband in these underwear! They are super high quality and all over a great product! I can’t wait to order him some more!

  40. Sebastian Burton

    John Tyler Underwear has helped me discover my confidence in the body as a bigger dude. The band is super comfortable and they definitely deliver a premium feel when you wear them. Hands down, my favorite underwear now.

  41. Kim Harris

    The perfect gift! Both my brother and godfather provided outstanding reviews on the product! Comfort fit, great soft yet strong material and holds well during the day and after washes! This is a go-to for any future male purchases for anyone in my life!!! Highly suggests you stock up on JT products and can’t wait to see what else will be offered from this brand!

  42. Dan C (verified owner)

    I was searching for the best/most comfortable men’s underwear and finally found them in 2019! The John Tyler Brand is truly the most comfortable, best fitting(Cling technology in the waist band is a life changer). The material is soft and holds up great after multiple washes. I will never wear another underwear again!!!! Thank you JT, you changed my underwear game for life.

  43. Marques Johnson (verified owner)

    I usually am against spending money on underwear unless it is under $15 per pair but some items are worth paying for. This brand is one of them. For starters, shipping was delivered with zero concerns. The fit was perfect. The leg does not ride up and the comfort waist band lives up to the name. This brand is great for day to day to use and also when exercising too. The breathable fabric is outstanding. It’s great to find a pair of underwear for the guys who are over 6ft but also would be worthwhile for those who may be shorter.

  44. Perry Hill

    Very comfortable underwear, no rising up the leg, keeps everything in place and the material is soft on the skin. I’m very active at work and these JTB perform great all day, great product.

  45. Biko Burt

    Highly recommend this product! Sporty feel, very comfortable, great quality.

  46. LaQuisha Jagana (verified owner)

    Awesome product! I bought these for my husband and he loves them!! Very comfortable and high quality! Thanks JT!

  47. Michael

    The best underwear i’ve worn thus far. They are very supportive, long in the legs, and they don’t roll up.

  48. Reginald Robertson (verified owner)

    Ok I someone that hates wearing underwear but I have to admit that these were the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever put on! At the end of the day I had forgotten that I even had them on!!! I’ll definitely be buying a couple more pair for those days when I have to put on underwear! They got me… 🤷🏾‍♂️

  49. Linda Feldmann

    Highly recommend this amazing quality product!!! The men in my life, my 3 sons, absolutely love wearing these underwear!! I purchased several pair as Christmas gifts this past year and scored high marks for doing so. My boys claim that they are extremely comfortable as well as supportive. They wash extremely well and hold their shape, waist band and cling technology. You absolutely get what you pay for with John Tyler Brand underwear and my boys are worth every penny!! I will be making another purchase very soon as my boys have discarded the other brands they owned. Thank you JT for creating such an awesome product and looking forward to seeing what John Tyler Brand has coming our way in the future.

  50. Dr. Brandy Tyson

    I purchased a pair of John Tyler’s for my hubby for Christmas. My hubby was pleasantly surprised. The quality and fit is excellent. We will definitely be back for the “Special Edition” color release. Keep doing what your doing John Tyler brand. You are changing the underwear game…by now setting the standard with the comfort and cling technology waistband.

  51. Courtney Blalock

    I bought these John Tyler’s for my guy and he absolutely loved them. They stay in place, the band was perfect and didn’t fall down from his constant moving throughout his work day. He also stated that they kept him cool and dry all day during his shift. John Tyler’s are must for your guy, I highly recommend.

  52. Tova Reeder (verified owner)

    I bought these John Tyler’s for my brother and he absolutely loves the feel and the fit. Because these are tailored to fit your specific size, I had to get his exact measurements before ordering. My brother said that they fit him perfectly!! They even come with a cool hook for hanging and a small hidden pocket for whatever you like! Great buy and I highly recommend.

  53. Ray (verified owner)

    Let me tell you, got my JTB underwear today and they are the best! Great feel and awesome look. Ordering more as we speak. These are definitely the new wave in men underwear 💪🏾💪🏾

  54. Karon (verified owner)

    I viewed the video JT uploaded on Instagram, he was answering a few customers question in Vegas.
    I was persuaded to support, so I made a purchase.
    The only underwear available in my size at the time were the reds, so purchased in February a few weeks before Valentine’s Day thinking about showing off for my lady😏.. I’m a satisfied customer!
    Shipping took about two days, product is good quality, comfortable fit, and the waist band fits snug yet enough to maneuver.

    Way to go, JT

  55. Melvin Jackson (verified owner)

    Im loving the band. Light weight and great fit. They don’t roll up your leg like most briefs.

  56. Michael Niehl (verified owner)

    These are legit. The boys are happy. Best pair of underwear by far that I have ever owned

  57. Marcus Welch (verified owner)

    It’s very hard to find underwear that you can wear casually everyday and also serve/function as active wear that can be worn when you work out. JTB definitely fulfills both purposes and because of that I highly recommend this underwear! Can’t wait until my next pair comes in. These are officially the best and most comfortable underwear in the market now!

  58. J.C. Bolden (verified owner)

    I love these underwear so much that I just ordered a couple more pair. I work at UPS so having the right underwear on throughout the day is very important. As of right now I don’t want to leave the house without a pair on, so I know I’ll be buying more! Great product.

  59. Gus Brown

    If you are reading this review, you need to stop reading, and try the underwear for yourself! I’m not a boxer/brief guy. I prefer briefs all day, every day. However, when I workout or play basketball, I choose to wear compression shorts over my briefs. Well, the JOHN TYLER BRAND underwear allow me to workout or play basketball while only needing to wear their underwear! They have a very light feel, but offer the compression feel I enjoy having during workouts. I’m a thick thighed guy who has a defensive back’s bottom so the issue of having material with my underwear riding up my thighs has always been an issue with compression shorts and boxers in general. The JTB eliminates this issue for me. Thank you for creating such a wonderful underwear JTB! 5 stars!

  60. Tony L

    These are an amazing pair of underwear. They fit true to your size and you dont have to worry about it being too tight or loose. Has the comfort fit with some extra room for your manhood. One thing I like about it is that is it breathable so it has a nice cool feel to it. The thick band is awesome, the cling technology keeps it in place so you dont need to always lift your boxer up as you run around or play sports. The material used for the underwear makes it feel almost as if you aren’t wearing anything. Feel great on the skin as if it was silk. Would recommend to all my friends

  61. Carla (verified owner)

    Purchased my hubby a few pairs for Valentine’s Day and WE love them! I love the sexy fit and especially the red ones❤️. My husband loves the way they fit, stay in place, and that they are breathable. He’s 6’3, up and down on ladders all day and often has long rides in his work truck, but comes home fresh each day👌🏾. I’ll be buying more very soon!

  62. Trey Hill (verified owner)

    John Tyler is by far the best pair of underwear I ever owned. They are very comfortable underwear, for a great price. I highly recommend this brand to all my family and friends. I’m amazed by the texture and how it fits on my body. Not only would I wear the JT brand for everyday underwear use, but because of the mobility of the underwear, I would wear them whenever I play any type of sports, or working out at the gym. Shout out to JT for this creative innovation!!!

  63. Raphael

    These are dope!! Fabric is key for me and they are extremely soft and holds well. I also love the small details that’s added to the underwear! You guys have a customer for life!

  64. Shamar Meredith (verified owner)

    Super comfortable, and the Cling Technology band around the waist holds up really good being that I’m 6”2 240lbs.
    I’m gonna buy a couple more pair because summer is coming and the material is great, light weight and breathable for this upcoming warm weather! Great underwear….

  65. T. Brown

    I find these to be the best feeling underwear I’ve ever worn. Whether I need something breathable while working out or something lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear, these have become my favorite pair. The quality is high, they’re super silky, the fit is amazing and they’re really soft. I love the thoughtful detail that was put into its design, especially in making sure it doesn’t roll at the waist or around the thigh. You put them on and they stay exactly where they are supposed to. I would definitely purchase in the future!

  66. Stanley Burrison

    Hands down the best briefs I have ever worn. I stand behind this product 1000% They feel good breathable material and fits great. I can’t wait to stock up on these if it’s not JTB I’m not wearing it.

  67. Tony Brown

    Quality briefs at their finest! Material is smooth, athletic, and breathable, and the waistband fits to perfection. JT knows how to make premium underwear.

  68. Ro D (verified owner)

    John Tyler well exceeded my expectations. They fit and feel like no other underwear I’ve tried and even after multiple washes, hasn’t lost its color or fit. I have the red “Valentine’s” edition. Can’t wait for John Tyler to produce more colors. Great buy!!!!!!

  69. Rhonda L Burks

    Well I woukd like to thank John Tyler for the most softest touching briefs ever. My husband loves the stretchyness of the fabric and I love the feel. Women like to see their men in nice looking underwear too and with just a t-shirt or no shirt at all. These underwear are perfect in every way and he looks cute in them, high recommend.

  70. Oriana Wyche (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. I purchased a pair for my husband and he loved them. He loved the material and length. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  71. Brandon (verified owner)

    I received these as gift for Valentine’s Day and I was very pleased. The material is comfortable and you can definitely tell that the quality is superior. These are perfect for a larger guy. I will continue to buy this brand.

  72. Vince (verified owner)

    I bought a pair a few weeks ago and have now worn them several times. They are great. I highly recommend the Cling Technology. The waistband stays in place without feeling tight. These are the underwear of the Future….

  73. Kalysa

    I purchased these as a gift for my son, he was always ripping or complaining about underwear and how uncomfortable it was to wear them. So I decided to try out this brand and see if these would work better. He absolutely loves thems. He has already asked for like 5 additional pairs so that he can have a pair to wear each day of the week. I will continue to purchase this brand for him. And spread the news of this brand to all my friends looking for a great gift to get their man or son/s! Thank you John Tyler Brand, I highly recommend you.

  74. TJ Thomas (verified owner)

    I purchased the red John Tyler undies for my special guy. I really expected them to fit too loose in the waist, but the band and the Cling Technology really delivered! He loves them, and says that they are very breathable. Now he wants them in every color, and is hoping for more color options soon. I highly recommend ladies!!!

  75. Roderick M Lee (verified owner)

    Best underwear I’ve ever owned. Waist band is very comfortable, underwear doesn’t shift around. I’m definitely a long term customer. Glad I took a chance on the Jonn Tyler Brand.

  76. Keo S

    These John Tyler’s have a great cut and feel to them. The grippy waistband is a huge plus. Great workout underwear and for casual use as well, highly recommend.

  77. Maurice Smith

    My experience with John Tyler has been nothing short of fantastic! The products are awesome. Shipping has always been on time or early. Originally, I ordered the wrong product. Within a couple of days I received the replacement without any hassle. The underwear line is perfect for the active lifestyle. The cling technology is a game changer! My wife loves the line as well. If you’re not wearing John Tyler you’re not wearing the right underwear!

  78. Kevin M. Edwards (verified owner)

    I’m back! Grabbing some JTB Red. Cling Technology aka #GameChanger !!!

  79. Maurice Johnson (verified owner)

    Cling Technology!!! So you don’t know what you need until you try it and truly see you need it. So I work in Law Enforcement and your equipment is your lifeline. That’s from your head to your feet and everything you wear underneath. I’ve been on tactical teams, front officer and supervisor. I’m hands on and don’t mind working. So many times my underwear have failed me either by rising up or not holding my shirts in place. I don’t just want functionality, I also want to look the part. I tried the regulars bands and now to the Cling Technology. I work out in them and wear for duty. All of my stuff stayed in place and never had to adjust which was imperative. Once you go Cling you’ll never go back, except for more of them!!!!!

  80. C Barnett (verified owner)

    Nice fabric… skin soft to touch…. feels durably athletic….. cool cool pocket for a key or coins or whatever. Can underwear be classic?… If so, these are.

  81. K. Thompson (verified owner)

    My husband has officially become a JTB fan! Can’t wait for more colors and will definitely be back for more!

  82. K. Smith (verified owner)

    JTB! I really like the feel of these underwear on my skin. It literally feels like I have nothing on at all. They don’t rise up my leg!! This is what underwear should be, and they look great. Once again, it feels like nothing is there. Great job John Tyler Brand!
    Also the quick shipping was a major plus!!

  83. S.Bass (verified owner)

    The two important men in my life (My husband and son) have multiple pairs of these underwear! My hubby is 6’5 and about 260 and my son is 6’4, 215. 1st packaging is amazing! I have never seen an underwear that had this type of cling technology That can hold everything in place. As many times as I have washed them they still look brand new! Great material! My son works out a lot and plays sports and he says everything stays in place 😉. I will be getting more of the big men sizes! Thanks JTB you have found a supporter, now can we get some women undies! It was great doing business with you!

  84. Serena B (verified owner)

    What women doesn’t want her man in nice underwear…Lol When I opened the packet, the underwear had a nice feel to them and the colors were great. I couldn’t wait for him to wear….. hmm they also had a nice fit , I couldn’t wait for him to rub up against me., In his John Tyler Brands…Lol Now men go try John Tyler Brand. Happy Wife, Happy Life!

  85. Tiffaney (verified owner)

    I bought these for my Mister. They were a little long for him however he felt the fit and feel were out standing. He definitely like the the comfort of the waist. Overall a great buy and I would encourage all to buy they would make great Father’s Day gifts.

  86. Damien W.

    IMPRESSIVE quality, waistband technology and comfort. Most definitely a fan of the product. Stand up product from a stand up gentlemen. I look forward to future purchases for not only myself but as a gift for others.

  87. Shameka Scott (verified owner)

    I purchased for my son’s and they loved them. The length and comfort they provided was greatly appreciated! We are definitely fans of this brand…We will be purchasing more. Great Father’s Day gifts…you won’t regret it!

  88. Raheem (verified owner)

    This is absolutely what men need out here!
    Thank you, and you’ve changed the game forever.

  89. Doug Thorpe

    One word….. AMAZING! As a Big and Tall man, clothes didn’t fit right. The fashion world begin to tackle this problem, but they forgot that rethinking the process starts with underwear. The John Tyler Brand did it. No more underwear sliding down. No more bunching in the crotch. No more discomfort! They fit so well, it almost feels unnatural. Trust me.

  90. Rodney Brisco (verified owner)

    I love wearing my new John Tyler underwear. Great fit, very comfortable and the material gives you a cool feeling around your thighs. Can’t Wait to order my next pair.

  91. Lee

    It’s funny, you don’t realize that you’ve been dealing with inferiority until you compare it to something greater. I must say, ever since I got my first pair of John Tyler’s, everything in my drawer just doesn’t measure up. To be able to transition from wearing pants to workout gear and still feel comfortable as well as supported speaks volumes to me as a consumer. I have washed and reworn them several times and they have outlasted most of the high-end brands that I buy. I have and will continue to tell my friends about this product.

  92. Randolph (verified owner)

    Man these are the best pair of boxer briefs I have ever worn. Love the way they fit. They are perfectly tailored for a big guy. John Tyler Brand definitely has a customer for life. Great product!!!

  93. Miguel (verified owner)

    These are literally the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever worn, they do not slip, they stay cool and comfy! I love how the underwear truly adjust to fit!

  94. KhujoGoodie

    Great fit, elasticity stays intact…loving the lill pocket on the side🙏🏾

  95. Rachel Lyvere (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of John Tyler’s for my son and a friend of mine, both are big into working out. Both said they fit great and stay in place during their workouts.

  96. Quintaurus Hawk (verified owner)

    That cling technology makes all the difference in the world. Once you try it, going to a big box store to cover your loins will be out of the question.

  97. Garry

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  98. V. Moseley

    I feel sexy in these! Love the material!

  99. Chris Stephens (verified owner)

    This product is the most comfortable boxer briefs ever. Especially if you have a little more thigh than the average guy. These boxers are not going to leave you hanging. The length is longer, so you feel covered. It feels good on the skin. It doesn’t roll up on the thigh. I have a solid 4 pairs and my goal is to completely replace my generic boxers. They are perfect for working out. The quality remains the same after washing. They are official. The shipping was pretty quick too. All around great product, and customer service.

  100. Rodney R

    Great product, and that band is amazing!!! It locks on but at the same time its comfortabe. John Tyler is on to something special here coupled with great customer service and fast shipping. I’m a believer!!!

  101. Sperling Stubblefield

    Very comfortable. Great fit. Perfect for work, play or lounging. This product supports and allows for flexibility. I usually have a hard time with different brands because my waist is small but these stay in place all day. This was a great investment.

  102. Leslie J (verified owner)

    I purchased a few pairs for my husband and he loves the fit and feel of the boxers. They don’t roll up and they look great on. The boxers are great for daily wear as well as working out. I will continue to spread the word and add to my hubby’s collection. Finally! Boxers for the men with a little more girth in the thighs and glutes. Thanks John Tyler Brand!

  103. Todd Bailey (verified owner)

    These are very high quality. The material is very comfortable, and it doesn’t bunch up. The cling-technology is something I’ve never seen before, and it is a game changer. I’ll be buying more for sure!

  104. Dwayne (verified owner)

    Love the boxers, best investment that I made. Thank you Michelle for introducing me to this Brand. Feels like I am in heaven when I wear theses boxers

  105. Kevin Byrd (verified owner)

    Very comfortable boxers, golfing is now even more enjoyable with much less sweat (no swamp ass). That Cling Technology feature is clutch, I can feel confident that my underwear aren’t sliding off my butt when I reach down to place or pick up my golf ball. Even more important, after 18 holes, my underwear dried quickly and I didn’t have to sit in wet underwear on my ride home. Great product, thanks JT

  106. Josias Castillo (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first because of the price but boy did they match the hype! I got the #JohnTylerCares Pink and John Tyler Blue. I will definitely purchasing more soon. Feels good to support local business backed by a excellent product.

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